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We are a water works company operating water supply infrastructure, especially potable water treatment plants, water mains and sewerage net and waste water treatment plants. We provide the potable water supply and drainage and disposal of waste water for more than half a million inhabitants of the Region of South Bohemia and parts of regions Plzeň and Vysočina.

Besides our main activity, we provide also other services associated with the operation and maintenance of water mains and sewerage, especially:

  • transport and disposal of waste water and sludge
  • cleaning of sewerage and sewerage service pipes
  • laboratory analyses of potable water and waste water and sludge
  • service, sale and official testing of water-meters
  • sale of water industry and sewerage material
  • remedy of failures and emergencies at water mains and sewerage
  • construction of water mains, sewerage and associated equipment
  • hydro-geological services
  • technical and technological support

The sole shareholder of our company is ENERGIE AG BOHEMIA s.r.o.

ČEVAK a.s.
Severní 8/2264
České Budějovice
Post code 370 10

Failures and emergencies:    +420 800 120 112
Customer Centre:                +420 844 844 870
E-mail address:                    info@cevak.cz
Internet:                              www.cevak.cz

If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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